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Renowned for its commercial law service, Yongheng Partners Law Firm (“Yongheng Partners”) has in the past decades dedicated itself to finance, securities, and international investments, and has provided all-around legal services to clients worldwide.

Yongheng Partners was founded in October 1997, currently has more than seventy practicing attorneys, as well as seven full professors of Nanjing Normal University Law School (six of whom are doctoral student advisers) and eight associate professors. Under the support of the prestigious Nanjing Normal University Law School, the firm has excelled in the integration of legal theory and practice. Yongheng Partners also serves as the legal clinic in case study and internship for Nanjing Normal University Law School.

The legal services provided by the firm’s attorneys have gained clients’ praise and wide recognition, as well as received numerous honors. In 2006, the firm received the award for “Best Project Finance” in Asian Law Business Magazine (“ALB”) which is highly influential in the legal field in Asia. In 2007, ALB awarded the firm “Jiangsu Province Law Firm of the Year”. In 2008, the Ministry of Justice awarded the firm with the honor of “National Outstanding Law Firm.” In 2012, the firm was awarded Top Ten Fastest Growing Law Firm in China and also was one of the three law firms to be nominated as The Best Law Firm in Yangtze River Delta by Asian Law Business Magazine (ALB). Of the firm’s attorneys, more than ten have been named “National Top Ten Lawyer,” “Jiangsu Province Top Ten Lawyer,” “Jiangsu Province Prestigious Lawyer,” three have been named “Jiangsu Province Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists”and one was nominated for the “National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists.”

Yongheng Partners has provided legal service to many multinational and WOFE companies, including BP, Standard Chartered Bank, LG, PMC, Autoliv, Mapi Pharma, Atana, Benz, and so on.

In respect of Merger&Acquisition, Yongheng Partners has provided legal service to many major projects, such as cross-border merger&acquisition of Tjoy and Coty as well as Sinolife united and good health in New Zealand.

Yongheng Partners has also provided comprehensive legal service for enterprises going global,including recommending foreign cooperative law firms, to review and amend legal documents for the establishment of foreign companies, to negotiate joint ventures, etc.

In the field of international dispute resolution, Yongheng Partners has successfully represented many major lawsuit, including Product quality lawsuit of German Benz in China, General Electric's Product quality lawsuit and so on.

Chunwu Cao is the director of foreign related legal department of Yongheng Partners and experienced in foreign related projects and disputes.



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